Arts & Crafts Collection


Truly mission in style, this is one of our well-liked favorites; renowned for its appeal by its prevailing demand. Its specialty is the graceful arches that accent tapered legs embellished with corbels.

Much of the beauty of wood comes from its variation in color and grain, characteristics that make each piece of solid wood furniture unique. Even with the same building methods and finishing processes, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Most hardwoods are open grained, causing solid wood furniture, even with protective finishes, to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. This can cause minor cracking and surface checks which are not considered flaws, but rather nature’s “beauty marks.” To minimize these effects, indoor humidity should be kept in the 35-40% range. Solid wood furniture should also be kept away from direct sources of heating and cooling, direct sunlight, and fluorescent lighting and should not be stored in attics or basements. When cared for properly your E&S furniture will become a piece of timeless beauty that will be treasured for generations.


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