Solid Wood

“Solid Wood” means your furniture is made of hard woods such as oak, cherry, maple or quarter-sawn white oak. Do not confuse solid wood with “all wood,” the furniture using substitute materials such as particle board and plywood.

In both the manufacturing and finishing, it is expected that there will be variations in the color and grain. These variations make it impossible to guarantee an exact match in finish between two pieces of furniture, even though identical finishing processes are applied. These characteristic qualities give solid wood furniture its unique charm.

Quality You Can Trust

Hardwoods are a natural fiber. Because most solid woods are open grained, your solid lumber furniture will breathe, expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes, even after protective finishes have been applied. Care needs to be taken to control the furniture’s environment.

Hardwoods have character that no man-made material can duplicate. Each piece of solid wood furniture is one-of-a-kind.

When you choose solid wood furniture, you are investing in a special value of natural materials. Plywood and particle board may try, but can never duplicate wood’s warmth and character. A bit of tender loving care goes a long way toward enhancing your enjoyment and protecting your solid lumber furniture investment.