Bridgefort Mission Collection

Simplistic straight lines, arched insets, flared legs and substantial, solid wood construction characterize the Arts & Crafts period look of the Bridgefort Mission Office. To further enhance the Mission style, leather inlays can be substituted for the standard wood inlays. 


Collection includes:

BFT761448 – Hutch
BFM6676CD – Corner & Return Desk (L or R)
BFT841648 – Hutch
BFM7488CD – Corner & Return Desk (L or R)
BFT842049 – Hutch
BFM7232FD – Executive Desk
BFM7228FD – Executive Desk
BFM7224FD – Executive Desk
BFM6213T – Hutch
BFM6426FD – File Desk
BFM6428CD – Computer Desk
BFS4624 – Student Desk
BFT741648 – Hutch
BFC742231 – Credenza
BFC5624 – Credenza
BFC6024LD – Credenza
BFC6024-3Dr – Credenza
BFC6024D2 – Credenza
BFM4021-D4 – Credenza
BFM4021-D3 – Credenza
BFM4021-D2 – Credenza
BFT371641-O – Bookcase Topper
BFT371649-GD – Bookcase Topper
BFT371653-O – Bookcase Topper
BFM2427FC2 – File Cabinet
BFM2427FC3 – File Cabinet
BFM2427FC4 – File Cabinet
BFM3819LF – Lateral File
BFM4622LC – Combination File
BFB4084-O – Bookcase
BFB4080-O – Bookcase
BFB4072-O – Bookcase
BFB4060-O – Bookcase
BFB4048-O – Bookcase
BFB4036-O -Bookcase 


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