Freemont Mission Open Collection

Similar to the Freemont Mission collection, the Freemont Mission Open office furniture more closely follows the traditional Mission characteristics with slatted sides, open designs, and 1” square tops. Each piece is available in all solid wood species or in a combination of dark and light woods with a variety of finishes.


Collection includes:

FOLD72 Open Desk
FOLD66 Open Desk
FOLD54 Open Desk
FMT64 Hutch
FMRT Return Table
FMOD Open Desk
FOLD54P2 Open Desk
FOLD36 Open Pedestal Desk
FOLD32 File Desk
FOB3636-O Open Bookcase
FOB3648-O Open Bookcase
FOB3660-O Open Bookcase
FOB3672-O Open Bookcase
FOB3680-O Open Bookcase
FOB3684-O Open Bookcase
FMST Sofa Table
FMCT Coffee Table
FMET End Table
FMET18 End Table 
FMHT Hall Table
FMPH Phone Stand
FMPS Printer Stand
FMPS Printer Stand 


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